Sunday, February 27, 2011

What does it mean to belong to a Nation?

In order to belong to a nation it must be something that you are either passionate about or that you associate yourself with. A common mistake in our society is the mistake that a nation is a country. And although that is sometimes the case, it is usually something completely different. A nation can be easily broken down to something as simple as things that people have in common. I go to Francis W. Parker School, because of that, I belong to FWP nation along with every person who has gone to Parker. However, there are examples of much more known nations and much less known nations. Although I previously stated that countries are not the only types of nations, they are still fine examples of nations. The United States is a nation and every person who labels them self as an American is part of that nation. These are known as nation-states because it is a nation that it is responsible for an entire state. Every continent, country, state, city, and neighborhood can all be considered nations that people belong to. Every person is in a more than 5 nations simply based on the neighborhood they live in. Nations can also be based on broad things such as age, religion, occupation, race, ethnicity, and many more. Nations can also be something specific like hair color, favorite sport, favorite sports team, hobbies, etc. Nations have been perceived incorrectly and the main reason it has not been understood because people have heard things like, “United Nations”, and “United States’ Nation” and they have just assumed that nation could only be countries. But one person can belong to 100 nations. Just because a nation does not have a government and doesn’t rule over a piece of land, it does not make it any more of a nation then the Francis Parker nation.

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